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Client success


"The friendship with you primarily changed my view of the world profoundly such that I now tend to look at a lot of things even outside computing with a design/outcome view rather than a technology view. So thanks for that!"


Client outcomes

Because of my relationship with a certain large insurance client, their account reps asked me to facilitate a multi-day design thinking workshop with their mainframe test team.


My role

Workshop planner / facilitator


Problem statement

How do we support DevOps QA/QC that activates at an “Enterprise Scale?”



The client went on to design an architecture based on what they had designed in the workshop. This led to a  4 year, $8M commitment  to (confidential IBM product).

"The energy, flexibility, and expertise you brought set the tone for the conversation in the room. I'm really pleased with where we landed."

"I think this went really well. I'm really happy with what we came out with. I want to try this out with my team."

systems mag phil alison.png

My long-time research participant and I were featured together in a Systems Magazine article!

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