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New hire education

Since I’ve learned everything I know about design from my IBM education, I’m extremely passionate about onboarding and educating new designers! Here are some things I’m proud of:


IBM POK Incubators:

I designed and implemented a multi-week onboarding program for new Poughkeepsie designers and PMs who start at IBM prior to attending IBM's design onboarding program (Patterns). In the program, new hires learn Enterprise Design Thinking through hands-on learning in the form of incubator projects sponsored by real product teams. I oversaw 9 incubator projects during my time leading the program.


Patterns Cohort Coach:

I was selected to be in the first group of Patterns Cohort Coaches. I led two new hire teams through their Patterns incubator projects.


Patterns Incubator Sponsorship:

I have sponsored 4 incubator projects for IBM's design onboarding program. This requires hands-on mentoring and education for new designers, as well as careful project planning and scoping. 


IBM Z Design Onboarding Framework:

Jessica Katz and I developed a repeatable remote onboarding framework used for all new designers across the IBM Z business unit.  

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